Bar Farouk at Al Metro Madina

Metro al Madina presents "Bar Farouk". Bar Farouk revives the artistic scene of Beirut from the 30s to the 70s, from popular theatre to cabaret music and dance, through the works of icons who have marked the art scene before the civil war, such as Chouchou, Sabah, Ferial Karim and the poet Omar El Zeenni, amongst many. 14 Musicians, singers, actors and dancers bring you back to this golden era where Beirut was at the avant-garde of the cultural and artistic life in the Middle-East
  • Metro Al Madina
  • Jan 29 - 09:30 PM

62 events by Josyane Boulos présente L' Apprenti Magicien

L’APPRENTI MAGICIEN Un spectacle de SÉBASTIEN MOSSIÈRE Avec ROMAIN THUNIN Il était une fois, Sébastien qui est invité chez son oncle Horace prestidigitateur. Il est ravi car il va enfin connaître tous les secrets de la magie… Et surtout, la chose dont il rêve depuis qu’il est tout petit: faire apparaître des colombes. Problème : quand il arrive, son oncle n’est pas là et c’est avec la seule participation des enfants que Sébastien va devenir magicien…
  • Théatre Monnot
  • Jan 20 - 04:30 PM

Metrophone - Nour el Houda

Metrophone presents “Nour El Houda”. Why Metrophone? Lebanese radio broadcasting stations have given up on offering to the world their musical archive – an archive of amazing talents and legendary names that haven’t been well acknowledged, appreciated nor promoted since the beginning even though they were produced by Lebanese stations. These stations chose to promote certain artists instead of others and especially during the 60s and the 70s, imposing on the Arab world some faces and voices while leaving behind other great talents that could have easily defined Lebanese music.
  • Metro Al Madina
  • Jan 25 - 09:30 PM

Mother Tongue a contemporary Dance Performance by Pierre Geagea

"Mother Tongue" is a solo dance performance that fuses the corporeality and unpredictable rhythmicity of contemporary dance with the gracefulness and expressive fluidity of sign language. The brainchild of Lebanese dancer/choreographer Pierre Geagea, "Mother tongue" interweaves pulsating dance moves with gestural speech, experimental soundscapes, onstage acrobatics, and narrative video projections, to sketch a portrait of a deaf dancer and his entirely unique and inspiring relationship with sound and rhythm. “Mother Tongue”, a collaboration with musicians Sharif Sehanoui (electric guitar) and Tony Elieh (bass guitar) has been already shown twice in Lebanon and has encountered a huge success.
  • Masrah Al Madina
  • Feb 09 - 08:30 PM
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