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  • Domina presents A Tribute to Amy Winehouse
Domina presents A Tribute to Amy Winehouse
  • Zoukak Theatre Company
  • Jul 15 - Jul 15

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Domina presents  A Tribute to Amy Winehouse
July 15, 2022
09:30 pm
Zoukak Theatre Company, Karantina, Beirut, Lebanon
Doors open at 08:30 pm

« What called me, years ago from now, towards Amy Winehouse is her brilliant songwriting, how she could convey her words between classy and raw, between complexity and simplicity… There are so many ingredients in this artistic cocktail yet the feeling is so alive. She managed to create her own genre according to her own inspirations; her music is without limits, without boundaries, unboxable.
Through this tribute I’ve crafted for her, I am manifesting all my phases: my own depression, my addiction of running away, my love of all music genres, my love of being real and not giving a shit. I don’t want her story to die.
For this show, I am giving her real love, because I hope she had received real love. All you need is love. »

Tickets Price : 20$ Standing or 40$ Seated in $ or at the rate of the day in cash + 41% if paying by credit card.

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