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  • Rust Live at Metro
Rust Live at Metro
  • Metro Al Madina
  • Jul 06 - Jul 06

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Rust Live at Metro

Rust is a Prague-based Syrian/Lebanese duo who draws its influence from the traditional Arabic musicality, adding original compositions and powerful vocals to create captivating soundscapes of Electro-Tarab.

Their live performances transport listeners to a realm where tradition meets innovation, and the beauty of Arabic music converges with the dynamic energy of electronic music.

Rust is determined to challenge traditional notions of Arab identity and create a sonic expression all of their own.

The project started in October 2020 and was co-founded by:

Petra Hawi - Lebanese musician and vocalist.

Hany Manja - Syrian-Czech musician and electronic music producer.�

In March 2023 Rust signed with “Wall of Sound - Saudi Arabia“ record label

Opening: Farah Kaddour & Marwan Tohme

Saturday 6 July 2024

Doors open at 9:15 PM

Concert starts at 10 PM


on sale at Metro Al Madina, Librairie Antoine branches or through Antoine online ticketing.

- Early bird: 15$

- Regular ticket: 20$

- Support ticket (souvenir included): 50$- 80$

- Pay as you like (Limited Seating - Available only at Metro on the same day of the event starting 2 pm)

Tickets are non-refundable

Seats are assigned by Metro, however, early arrivals may have the opportunity to select their preferred seats.

Drinks are available inside the hall. Kitchen is currently under construction.

Online payments through Antoine include an extra bank commission

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