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  • Yal & Frida Live at Metro صلة الوصل
Yal & Frida Live at Metro    صلة الوصل
  • Metro Al Madina
  • Jun 26 - Jun 26

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صلة الوصل


Join us for a mesmerizing double bill concert featuring Frida and Yal Solan, where two distinct universes collide in a symphony of Oneness. 

Together, Frida and Yal will weave a tapestry of contrasts, showing us how seemingly opposite elements can come together to create a transcendent and unforgettable state of Aliveness. 

Don’t miss this night of musical alchemy, where we connect and elevate through the magic of sound, celebrating the long-awaited embodiment of the Feminine.


About Yal:

Yal Solan is a Lebanese singer, poet and multidisciplinary artist who blends her poetry with her oriental roots, occidental influences and mystical inspirations.

Yal seeks to create music that resensitizes, resurrects and reconnects us to our inner worlds.

By marrying ethereal vocals and oriental sounds, she is carving her signature sound within the wide spectrum of soul, fusion and world music.


About Frida:

Creating love and joy through music, that is what Lebanese soul singer Frida's music is all about. In her stories wrapped in songs, she sings the divine feminine in all of us, summoning the energy of the elements - which comes rushing in so undoubtedly that it is inevitably transmitted to the audience. Frida's Arab Soul from Beirut is influenced by all types of music that make her heart shiver or dance: American soul, funk and jazz; French chanson, tarab, and a good amount of African rhythms, always. In her music lies the promise of our collective awakening.

Wednesday 26 June 2024
Doors open at 8:15 PM

Show starts at 9 PM



on sale at Metro Al Madina, Librairie Antoine branches or through Antoine online ticketing.

- Early bird: 15$

- Regular ticket: 20$

- Support ticket (souvenir included): 50$- 80$


- Pay as you like (Limited Seating - Available only at Metro on the same day of the event starting 2 pm)

Tickets are non-refundable

Seats are assigned by Metro, however, early arrivals may have the opportunity to select their preferred seats.

Drinks are available inside the hall. Kitchen is currently under construction.

Online payments through Antoine include an extra bank commission

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