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  • "Sawtee" (Danse theater Music)

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event overview

Sawtee is a multifaceted, multi-genre performance creation which highlights the female identity and is primarily guided by the songs of the artist Yolla Khalife and the Choreography of Nadra Assaf and Souraya Baghdadi, artistically adapted to the stage and directed by Chadi Zein.


The work explores different areas of gender, particular the female ones through movement, music, words, scenography, sound and lighting.


Sawtee is a tribute to females who manage to continue moving forward despite the pain and suffering inflicted on them psychologically. sociologically, historically by males.


Sawtee is an artistic representation of the female mystic, poetic essence and presence.


Sawtee takes the audience to the hyper reality of the core of what it means to be a female from pleasure and ecstasy to sorrow and pain.

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