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  • Gurumiran – Live at Metro – Crowdfunding Concert for the Upcoming Album Man Who Sold Eldunya
Gurumiran – Live at Metro – Crowdfunding Concert for the Upcoming Album Man Who Sold Eldunya
  • Metro Al Madina
  • Jul 11 - Jul 11

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event overview

For the first time at Metro, "Gurumiran" is coming to electrify our stage, in a crowdfunding event for his new album "Man who sold Eldunya"


Tuesday 11 July 2017


About Gurumiran:


"Électro-rock arabesque et sons arméniens proéminents . Gurumiran présente un concert résonnant entre guitare électrique, voix à la David Bowie et paysages électroniques futuristes." - Onorient

If you’re familiar with Miran’s previous releases as Pindoll (Twisted Times, 2013) and Blend (Act One 2003), or as a producer and songwriter with Eileen Khatachadourian (Midan, 2009) and Tania Saleh (Wehde, 2011), the guitar work on his debut solo album, Aberrance – atmospheric, effects-heavy bursts that flit in and out of the songs with subtlety and skill – won’t be any surprise to you. What might be, though, is the mixture of other influences, from dark Eighties synth-pop (think Black Celebration-era Depeche Mode), through the theatrical vocals of David Bowie and Nick Cave, to glitch rock. All of which is blended together on a record that’s highly engaging, slightly disturbing and intensely personal.

However, what sets apart Gurumiran’s music from the rest of the electro-rock acts around the world is the distinct arabesque and Armenian sounds prominent not only in his compositions, but also in his guitar playing and technique. There’s rarely a musical passage on Gurumiran’s record that doesn’t bring in an instantly recognizable ‘Oriental’ sound, whether in the way he mimics a duduk, oud, or saz on his guitar, or the groove arrangements often making use of tablas, req, katem, daholla, etc. that blend in with the electronic soundscapes reminiscent of Radiohead and New Order.

Gurumiran’s upcoming EP Man Who Sold Eldunya builds on the Aberrance experience and continues to explore new sonic possibilities. Set for a release in mid 2017, Man Who Sold Eldunya will even surprise his most avid fans where songs in English, Arabic, and Armenian fuse seamlessly for a kaleidoscopic aural experience.


For more about the artist: www.gurumiran.com


Ahmad Elkhateeb: Percussions

Carl Ferneine: Synths and voices

Armen Sepetjian: Electronics and Drums

Guest appearance by Saytrip (aka Bojan Preradovic)

Doors open 8:30 PM

Concert Starts at 9:00 PM

Ticket: 20$


Tickets on sale at Metro & all Librairie Antoine branches & Antoine online


Aberrance CD And LP are on sale at Metro Al Madina

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