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Please follow below instructions so that you don’t have to be online every time you use the bookshelf: 1- Use any browser (explorer, firefox or chrome) and type in www.oxfordlearnersbookshelf.com 2- Download the application (you shall find “get the desktop app” so click it and it will download on your desktop) 3- Open the app on your desktop and register (you need an email address and a password to memorize) 4- Click “Add book” and copy/paste the code we provided for you by mail, then click “Add 5- Click “i” to download the book and you will be able to access the ebook offline on the bookshelf. 6- Note that you only need to enter the code once and download the book once. No need to enter the code or download the book every time you use the bookshelf.
  • Oxford Ebooks
  • Nov 30 - 01:00 AM
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