Bildits Workshop

Bildits is a construction kit for students (8+) that enables the user to build his own house with his own hands while going through the authentic construction process and by using real authentic miniature materials such as: bricks, steel, wood, shovel, trowel, cement etc... By taking the workshop you will know how and why each construction step is done. Moreover, the pieces in the kit are modular, which gives the user the freedom to dream, design, and build any structure he want! Starting Wednesday July 17th till Friday August 16th, every Wednesday and Friday for 10 sessions. Groupe 1: Kids from 8 years till 9 years: From 2 pm till 3:30 pm Groupe 2: Kids (+ 9 years): From 4pm till 5:30 pm Duration: 1 hour 30 mn per session Price: 150$ for 10 sessions
  • Station Beirut
  • Jul 17 - 02:00 PM
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