Miss... tarjle - مسترجلة

Miss…ترجلة – Miss…Tarjle Have you ever wondered what it means to love somebody? Should you change who you are to gain your loved one's approval? Should you change what you want? That issue is at the core of "Miss... ترجلة". Dal’ouna and Irma are two village girls who moved to the big city of Beirut. Though they are best friends, they’re polar opposites from each other. Whereas Irma is known for her femininity and class, Dal’ouna lacks all skills of savoir vivre and faire of the big city. But when Irma, is forced into an engagement she doesn't want by her family with the village doctor Ameer, Dal’ouna is jolted into action. In order to save her friend, she turns into a boy: Jaafar who finds himself engaged to Irma! Miss... tarjle is a family comedy about love friendship and the clash between tradition and modernity. A fun treat for the whole family as the girls juggle two personas, many lies and three engagements!
  • Théatre Gemmayze
  • Dec 14 - 08:30 PM

Close to here

This play is happening in a city close to here. One that only knew times of peace as exceptions. One where most people go to war and only few come back. Some die. Others disappear. This play is happening in a city whose people cannot bury their beloved, cannot cry for them. A city whose people cannot end their grief. A city whose people are women, men and children who have not gone to war, but have been forced to live with the fact that their loved ones have. To survive, the people of this city rehearse the funerals of their loved ones, a tradition that takes place the night before their departure to battle. This play is trapped in a story of a city captivated by the infinite melancholy of its own people.
  • Masrah Al Madina
  • Dec 16 - 08:30 PM

Metro Madina presents Victoria with Nada Bou Farhat

ندى أبو فرحات "مغامرات فيكتوريا العجيبة" تأليف واخراج جيرار أفيديسيان من فيكتوريا العجيبة ؟ انها أول متحولة جنسيا عُرفت في لبنان في السبعينيات، وقد ربتها والدتها كفتاة لأنها ندرتها لسانت ريتا، شفيعة الأمور المستحيلة. ولكن حياتها كانت سلسلة مغامرات وحوادث غريبة وعجيبة، تسردها المسرحية بتفاصيلها المثيرة. لقد التقى بها كاتب ومخرج المسرحية في سجن رومية للرجال سنة 1974 حيث سردت عليه قصتها. وفي سنة 1977 خرجت من السجن بسبب القصف الشديد واختفت دون ترك أي أثر. يُقال انها قنّصت في ساحة البرج، كما يُقال انها هربت الى قبرص، والبعض يظن بانّها ما زالت على قيد الحياة. أين أنتِ يا فيكتوريا ؟
  • Metro Al Madina
  • Feb 04 - 09:30 PM
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