Al Wa7ech @ Black Box Beirut

Two of society's rejects, Danny and Berta, meet in an empty bar on night, each seeking out peace and quiet. Both uneasy and defensive, their attempts at conversation are jilted early on by verbal sparring and threats, but something about their connection lights a spark in both anguished humans. With Carole Abboud & Dory Al Samarany. Written by J.P. Shanley. Translated by Arzé Khodr Produced and Directed by Jacques Maroun.
  • The Actors Workshop SAL
  • Feb 14 - 09:30 PM


Le 4 juin 1944, Churchill convoque De Gaulle à Londres pour lui faire part de l’imminence du débarquement des troupes alliées en Normandie. De Gaulle est furieux : la France libre est écartée de la plus grosse opération militaire de tous les temps, qui aura lieu sur les côtes françaises. La rencontre se passe très mal, au point que Churchill envisage d’enfermer De Gaulle quelque part en Angleterre. Un face-à-face orageux entre deux monstres de l’Histoire, qui éprouvent l’un pour l’autre un mélange d’estime et d’agacement, de fascination et d’exaspération.
  • Théatre Monnot
  • Jun 12 - 09:00 PM

Kawalis presents Hay l tanak

Kawalis is a theater club having attendees of different nationalities ages and interests who have come all along to express their creativity in the world of acting by adopting some issues in our society that they see are essential to spot the light on . “Hay l tanak”is an exact example of that in which “Hay l Altanak”is a new play represented by kawalis group who have decided to work on delivering a fruitful message for this generation. “hay l Tanak”talks about heritage buildings and its importance in specific as well as issues like youth unemployment and guarantee of aging and the importance of education . The show will be held at Masrah al madina on the 5th and 6th of july. Price of tickets will be 15,000 LL
  • Masrah Al Madina
  • Jul 05 - 08:00 PM

Majnoun Leila

How far would two lovers go to be together? Welcome to the world of “Majnoun Leila”: A unique adaptation of the classic heart-wrenching tale of Quais and Leila, narrated by a mysterious circus troupe led by a flamboyant leading player; A story of forbidden love, determination and self-discovery portrayed by whimsical characters in a dark humorous setting. إلى أي مدى یمكن ان یصل حبیبان لیكونا معاً؟ اھلا بكم في عالم "مجنون لیلى". نسخة فریدة من نوعھا لرائعة قیس ولیلى ، تخبركم ایاھا مجموعة غامضة تعمل في السیرك، بقیادة اللاعب الأساسي. قصة حب محرم، قصة عزیمة واكتشاف للذات، تقدمھا شخصیات غریبة الاطوار في إطار غامض و ظریف
  • Casino Du Liban
  • Jul 06 - 08:30 PM
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