Bar Farouk in Metro al Madina

Metro al Madina presents "Bar Farouk". Bar Farouk revives the artistic scene of Beirut from the 30s to the 70s, from popular theatre to cabaret music and dance, through the works of icons who have marked the art scene before the civil war, such as Chouchou, Sabah, Ferial Karim and the poet Omar El Zeenni, amongst many. 14 Musicians, singers, actors and dancers bring you back to this golden era where Beirut was at the avant-garde of the cultural and artistic life in the Middle-East
  • Metro Al Madina
  • Jan 29 - 10:00 PM

There was a Bird on a Tree by Collectif Kahraba | Hammana

There was a bird on a tree is based on the book of the nursery rhymes collection published by Dar Onboz in which Najla Jreissati Khoury gathered over 400 rhymes in a period of 30 years from all over Lebanon. It is the story of a Lebanese teta-grandmother who sleeps a lot and wakes up to plant strange seeds. With each seed grows a nursery rhyme during her sleep. It is her story and the story of so many Lebanese grandmothers who collect memories from our oral tradition which sometimes fly with clouds or continue with the younger ones or maybe are put in a book. Created at the request of Dar Onboz publishing house for the Arabic Book fair in Beirut, with the support of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Foundation, this play tours in theatres, public spaces, gardens, rooftops, and was presented more than 150 times all over Lebanon.
  • Hammana Artist House
  • Aug 25 - 06:30 PM

The Cosmic Dome presents The Astronomy Summer School (28-29-30 August 2018)

This August bring your child closer to the Universe and the Stars! The Cosmic Dome is glad to announce its annual Astronomy Summer School for children with wild imagination and curiosity for the unknown! Lectures and activities will be under the direct supervision of Astronomer and Physicist Dr. Moe and the Cosmic Dome's team of instructors. Lectures will include topics like history of astronomy, formation of planets, formation and death of stars, and other interesting topics
  • Thema Chess
  • Anytime
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