Bar Farouk in Metro al Madina

Bar Farouk revives the artistic scene of Beirut from the 30s to the 70s, from popular theatre to cabaret music and dance, through the works of icons who have marked the art scene before the civil war, such as Chouchou, Sabah, Ferial Karim and the poet Omar El Zeenni, amongst many. 10 Musicians, singers, actors and dancers bring you back to this golden era where Beirut was at the avant-garde of the cultural and artistic life in the Middle-East
  • Metro Al Madina
  • Jan 29 - 09:30 PM

Embrace The Trails - Hike, Yoga and Dinner in Baskinta

Join us at our Hike, Yoga and Dinner event in Baskinta on Saturday, June 29th, starting from 11.30 am till 10 pm. -Hike information: • Trail Duration: 3 hours • Trail Length: 3.5 KM • Trail Level: Easy • Altitude: 1,600 M – 1,700 M -Event schedule: • 1:00 PM: Gathering point: Departure to hike • 2:30 PM: Arrival at Baqish Cross • 3:00 PM: Trail start • 6:00 PM: Trail ends at Base Camp • 6:15 PM – 7:00 PM: Yoga session (optional) • 7:00 PM: Sunset Dinner • 10:00 PM: Departure to initial gathering points -Buses schedule: • 11:30 AM: Jbeil (Dunkin Donuts) • 12:00 PM: Hamra (Main road Fransabank) • 12:00 PM: Downtown (Dunkin Donuts) • 12:00 PM: Hazmieh (Spinneys Parking) • 12:15 PM: Cola (Cola bridge) • 12:15 PM: Jounieh (Fouad Chehab) • 12:30 PM: Zalka (Mike Sport) • 1:00 PM: Naher El Mout (Wooden Bakery) • 1:45 PM: Douar (Wooden Bakery) -How to prepare for the hike: • Wear comfortable hiking or training shoes • Yoga mat (optional) • Make sure to grab a fleece jacket and a hat, it might get cold in the evening. For inquiries, call 01 346 226 or 70 495 489
  • Baskinta - Mont Lebanon
  • Jun 29 - 11:30 AM
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