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  • Who Killed Youssef Beidas
Who Killed Youssef Beidas
  • Beirut Art Center - BAC
  • Jul 02 - Jul 16

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“Who killed Youssef Beidas?”

“Who killed Youssef Beidas” is an interactive installation that questions the expansion movement of neoliberalism through the cycles of failed love relationships, reflecting on the reality of the financial collapse in Lebanon today by taking as a starting point the circumstances of the downfall of “Intra Bank” in 1966.

Concept and text: Chrystèle Khodr

Set design: Nadim Deaibes

Sound design: Ziad Moukarzel

Graphic Design: Philippa Dahrouj

Production management: Walid Saliba

Technical team: Fares Merhi - Rawad Kanj 

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Booking is mandatory. Places are limited

Special thanks to Awad Awad and Roy Dib 


"من قتل يوسف بيدس؟"

"من قتل يوسف بيدس" تجهيز تفاعلي يُسائل حركة توسّع النيوليبيراليّة عبر دورات الخيبات العاطفية، باحثًا بواقع الإنهيار الاقتصادي الحاصل في لبنان اليوم من خلال الظروف التي أحاطت بإفلاس  "بنك إنترا" عام 1966.

طرح ونصّ: كريستيل خضر

سينوغرافيا: نديم دعيبس

تصميم صوت: زياد مكرزل

تصميم غرافيك: فيليبّا دحروج

إدارة إنتاج: وليد صليبا

الفريق التقني: رواد كنج - فارس مرعي 

شكر خاص: عوض عوض - روي ديب .

تباع البطاقات في جميع فروع مكتبة أنطوان. الحجز ضروري. الأماكن محدودة. 

This project has been made possible thanks to the support of Culture Resource, and Mophrada

أُتمّ هذا المشروع بفضل دعم  المورد الثقافي و مفردات.



Chrystèle Khodr is a theater performer, writer and director based in Beirut. She studied theater in the Institute of Fine Arts, Lebanese university and was trained in physical theater at l’École Internationale de Théâtre LASSAAD Brussels– Jacques Lecoq pedagogy. 

Her work springs from the emergency to reconstitute the collective memory from personal stories. In her most recent projects, Chrystèle is increasingly concerned with the movement of History and its impact on time and narrativity as a basic formal dimension of theater. 

Between 2009 and 2012 she has created small format plays and solos: Bayt Byout, 2007 or how I smashed my bubble envelopes and Beirut Sepia, all of which were shown in several festivals and venues in Lebanon, Egypt, France and Belgium. 

Her latest production Augurs premiered in May 2021 in Beirut and is touring across Europe. 

As well as an independent maker she has collaborated and performed with several artists from multiple disciplines such as Zoukak Theater Company, Waël Ali with whom she wrote and directed Temporary Stay and visual artist and set designer Bissane Al-Charif on the installation I once entered a garden.

Chrystèle was awarded the Ibsen Scope to create an adaptation of the playwright’s text The Pretenders, Ordalie is to premiere in October 2023.  

Her new interactive performance Who killed Youssef Beidas? that that questions the expansion movement of neoliberalism through the cycles of failed love relationships will open on the 25th of June in Beirut Art Center in the framework of Fine Prints exhibition.

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