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  • Acting (Beginners) Ongoing workshop on Fridays, monthly subscription - Holistic Studio
Acting (Beginners) Ongoing workshop on Fridays, monthly subscription - Holistic Studio
  • Holistic Studio
  • Wednesday - May 31, 2023
  • 04:00 PM

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event overview

Acting (Beginners)

If you would like to explore a career in acting,

Explore the stage,

or get to know the uncovered layers of yourself….


Seize the unique opportunity of training with the founder of the Holistic Method.


A method that proved itself a perfect fit to the requirements of the contemporary actor…


It is the only tool you would want for your self-discovery and personal development.


In this training, you will:

·         Awaken your creativity

·         Explore your unique acting potential

·         Empower your physical source of creativity

·         Improve your EQ

·         Speak up

·         Shake away your blockages

·         Start to play dramatic content

  … and much more



Timing: Ongoing workshop, monthly subscription

Hours: Fridays_4 to 6 p.m.

Registration deadline: One week before the end of the previous month


Limited places, book yours now!


For bookings: https://holisticstudio.art/Booking/

For questions, contact us on 71042247

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