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  • Soap Making Workshop - Purple Pineapple Pot
Soap Making Workshop - Purple Pineapple Pot
  • Purple Pineapple Pot
  • Tuesday - December 31, 2024
  • 11:00 PM

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event overview
Join us for a traditional soap making workshop & learn how olive oil is used in traditional soap. Our experts will teach you all the secret behind artisanal method.
In this hands on workshop you will learn the olive oil soap-making process from start to finish. You will learn all about the properties of olive oil, how to combine ingredients to create your own aroma & how to create recipes and make assessments on soap qualities, everything there is to know about lye, and all the safety measures that need to be observed.
This workshop will give enough knowledge to start making your own soap and you will also proudly return home the soap you have created and designed 
Workshop price includes all equipment and materials
Timing : 1.5 hours
Price :  $20 per person (from 2 to 4 persons)
             $15 per person (from 6 to 10 persons)
             $13 per persons (from 10 and more)
Location : Kfardebian
Contact us on 03-670785 for reservation 48 hours in advance to schedule your activity date and time at your convenience

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