• Theater
  • A night of Three Short Plays
A night of Three Short Plays
  • Théâtre Le Monnot
  • Oct 05 - Oct 08

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Theresa Saleh, Layal Ghossain, and Tony Farah, lucky winners of the UL Diplomas Competition at Le Monnot, are set to captivate audiences with "A Night of Three Short Plays." With just one ticket, you'll embark on a journey through the entire spectrum of human emotions, from the gripping intensity of drama to the exhilaration of a musical, and the sheer delight of comedy. The featured plays include : 

  • "The Bitter Tears of Perla Van Kant" an adaptation inspired by German playwright Rainer Werner Fassbinder, directed by Theresa Saleh with Mohammad Soukarieh, Pamela El Hachem, Aya Abi Haidar. 
  • "La Miserable" a reimagining of Victor Hugo's masterpiece, recounting the poignant tale of Fantine directed by Layal Ghossein with Layal Ghossain , Julien Chayaa and Anthony Youssef on piano
  • "Talab Zawej" a compelling adaptation of The Marriage Proposal a one act farce by Anton Chekhov directed by Tony Farah with Ali Bleibel, Pia Khalil, Joe Ramia

Plays are in Lebanese

5-6-7-8-9 October

Duration of each play : 20min (no intermission)

Price : 20-15-10-5 $

Tickets Antoine or call 70626200


The Bitter Tears of Perla Van Kant

Assistant director Aly Menhed

Scenography: Petra Dally

Stylist: Tatyana Sale

Stage manager: Michelle Feghali

Makeup artist: Gaya khoury

Hairstylist: Nohra Jarmach

Portrait of Petra: Petra Dally

Poster photography Madeleine Hanna 

Poster illustrator Ralph Sayah


La Misérable

Choreography and Assistant Director: Romario Akiki 

Props and Stage manager: Mayam Khoury

Poster Charbel Sammour 


Talab Zawej

Assistant director Rebecca Khoueiry

Scenography:Jalal El Chaar 

Poster Elias Farah 

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