• Theater
  • Tnein Bel Leil Created & Directed by Samer Hanna
Tnein Bel Leil Created & Directed by Samer Hanna
  • ACT | Le Monnot
  • Feb 28 - Mar 03

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Dive into a world of laughter with "Tnein Bel Lel"! Join the comedic chaos and be part of the fun. Tickets available now – secure your spot in the laughter zone

Embark on a laughter-filled journey with Wael, an eccentric writer planning a unique exit strategy from this world, in the delightful comedy “Tnen Bel Lel". Chaos ensues when his spirited neighbor, Lisa, barges into his life, setting off a series of comedic misadventures. As Lisa uncovers Wael's unexpected plans, the plot thickens with the arrival of Wael's sophisticated but amusingly misinformed mother. The story takes a humorous turn as Lisa becomes Wael's unwitting life coach, leading him on a wild escapade that challenges his perspective on life. "Tnein Bel Lel" is a heartwarming exploration of unexpected connections and the transformative power of joy. This comedy promises audiences a night of genuine laughter and feel-good moments, making it a captivating and entertaining theatrical experience.

"اتنين بالليل" مسرحية كوميدية جديدة بطلها وائل، كاتب يخطط لمغادرة هذا العالم الممل. تتبدل مخططات وائل حين تدخل ليزا، جارته الحيوية الى حياته. يواجهان مواقف عديدة، لتكشف ليزا خطّة وائل بالإنتحار. تتصاعد الامور أكثر، لحظة وصول ام وائل المثقفة والباردة. تتبلور الكوميديا حيث تصبح ليزا مسؤولة عن تدريب وائل على حب الحياة وتغير وجهة نظره حول الاشياء. اتنين بالليل هي رحلة اكتشاف لقوة وصلابة العلاقات البشرية، قدرة الحب والفرح على تغيير كل شيء. نعدكم بليلة مليئة بالضحك، التسلية والتشويق.

Elevate your theatrical experience as our talented actors bring the story to life through live singing, accompanied by a vibrant live band


Written and Directed by: Samer Hanna

Produced by Jukebox Productions 



Josyane Boulos

Julien Chaaya

Yara Antoun


Lyricist: Joanna Toubia


Live music by

Anthony Youssef

Wajih Saade

Mayssa Abou Chrouche


Choreographer: Romario Akiki


Art consultant: Charbil Abi Nader


Assistant director: Lynn Bawab


Contributed to the text: Macy Abboud


Light Designer: Hagop Derghougassian 


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