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  • " Anxious in Beirut" x Tri-Pulley - Film Screening
  • Salle Montaigne Institut Français du Liban
  • Mar 01 - Mar 01

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event overview

Join Tri-pulley for a special screening of the documentory "Anxious in Beirut" by the Director Zakaria Jaber at the Cinema Montaigne, Institut Francais Du Liban on Damascus Road, on March 1st at 7:45 pm! Stay after the film for an engaging discussion with our panelists who will answer your questions related to unemployment. 

Tickets for: 10$ for students (student ID is needed, those tickets cannot be bought online) 15$ / participant Unless you are a #SuperDonor who wants to contribute more for Tri-pulley’s mission 25$ / 50$ tickets are also available All proceeds contribute to creating jobs for a social cause in Lebanon. 

With this initiative, we stand by our commitment of Sustainable Development Goal 8 (SDG8) for Decent Work and Economic Growth. Your movie night out can make a positive impact! 

Movie Description: In the ever-present desire to capture, record, and understand Beirut, and by extension himself, Zakaria has been trying to give a coherent story to his city. “Anxious in Beirut” is a personal diary that documents the events of the last two years in Lebanon (revolution, post-war, explosions, demonstrations…). Living with constant anxiety, Zakaria, the film’s young director, narrates his own life, while trying, on numerous occasions, to leave his country. https://anxiousinbeirut.co/ #AnxiousInBeirut #CCFBeirut #SDG8 #SupportLebanonJobs #tripulley #LetsTalkAboutJobs #JobsForASocialCause #unemployment #Lebanon #DecentWork

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