• Family
  • Khayal presents Let it Rain Chikcs - Qu'il pleuve des Poussins.
Khayal presents Let it Rain Chikcs - Qu'il pleuve des Poussins.
  • Espace Tournesol
  • Saturday - January 21, 2017
  • 04:00 PM

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event overview
A chick breaks the eggshell and get out of it alone. He looks around and saw nothing but a cloud, which led him to call it “mom.”
The cloud tries to offer help while convincing him that it is not his mom. His journey of searching for identity, food, affection and protection with the help of the young audience begins. He falls victim of exploitation and is rescued in the last minute. He dreams of his mother and creates an odd image of her in his mind. Then, he wakes up and creates a doll that looks like his imaginary mother. As he grows up, risks grow more dangerous. He keeps insisting, however, on meeting his mother. At the end, he meets his long-sought mother in a strange and unexpected way.

Director Karim Dakroub
Writers Rola Broche, Karim Dakroub
Music Ahmad Kaabour, Oussama El Khatib
Lyrics Ahmad Ali El Zein
Set design & puppets Walid Dakroub
Costumes Fida Hoteit
Cast Catherine Dakroub, Fouad Yamine, Adon
Khoury, Marilise Aad, Jad Hakawati, Walid Jaber

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