• Family
  • Khayal presents What Happened in Kfar Menkhar
Khayal presents What Happened in Kfar Menkhar
  • Espace Tournesol
  • Saturday - January 28, 2017
  • 04:00 PM

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event overview
The beautiful city of Kfar Menkhar (Nose-Ville) is suffering from high levels of pollution in the air and garbage heaps are piling up in its streets, making its atmosphere stinky and barely breathable, but no one seems to care about cleaning up and changing things.
That is, until the unexpected happens: the noses of the city’s residents suddenly disappear and run away to the river where they can hide from the smells of garbage and pollution. There, they decide to go on strike until the people stop polluting Kfar Menkhar.
Panic grips the people when they realize they have become nose-less! Now they must negotiate with their noses to get them back. It is a long process but in the end, the people have to agree to all the conditions: they clean up the city and swear to keep it clean and healthy.

Writer and Director Karim Dakroub
Music Ahmad Kaabour
Music Arrangement Hani Seblini
Lyrics Dr. Tarek Shouman
Set Design and Puppets
Version1 Galina Filatova
& Serguei Frolov
Version2 Fida Hoteit
Cast Katerine Dakroub, Fouad
Yammine, Marilise Aad, Adon Khoury,
Jad Hakawati, Farah Wardani, Jad
Hakawati, Sarah Atallah, Walid
Jaber, Samar Daher, Siba Kourani

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