• Family
  • Khayal presents Full Moon - Pleine Lune
Khayal presents Full Moon - Pleine Lune
  • Espace Tournesol
  • Saturday - February 4, 2017
  • 04:00 PM

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event overview
The play begins with the voice of the wolf telling us his own story. He talks about hunting which is the source of living for his family. While remembering his hunting adventures, he recalls that darl night when he fell in a trap laid by men with dark minds and hearts made of stone. We see the wolf despairing and hoping again, when in the middle of darkness and dryness, he sees a dazzling light. It was the boy with the green fingers and white heart, and his father whose insight is larger than all that of humanity combined.

Writer and Director Karim Dakroub
Music Ahmad Qaabour
Scenography Walid Dakroub
Collaborated on the script and
research Amal Naser
Assistant Director, Light Design:
Fouad Yammine
Video Animation Nehme Nehme
Scenic Landscapes Elissa Raad
Katherine Dakroub, Fouad Yammine,
Adon Khoury, Walid Jaber, Serena
Chami, Siba Kourani
Boutros Rouhana, Rashad Zaiter
Puppets and set making
Walid Dakroub, Samar Daher,
Alissa El Chemaly, Fatima Ismail,
Siba Kourani, Aida Saade
Musical Arrangement
Mazen Siblini
Mixing Mohammad Al Kibbi

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