• Family
  • Khayal presents Let Merjan Sleep - Pour que Merjane Dorme
Khayal presents Let Merjan Sleep - Pour que Merjane Dorme
  • Espace Tournesol
  • Saturday - February 11, 2017
  • 04:00 PM

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event overview
Prince Merjane, the son of the Sultan, is not able to sleep. To solve his problem, he commands all the women of the kingdom to tell him a bedtime story that would help him fall asleep; those who fail to make him sleep are sent to prison.
Eventually, all the women are imprisoned because none is able to make him fall asleep; he doesn’t like fairy tales, nor lullabies, nor traditional songs… he has had enough of those and wants to be treated as an adult when he is only 7 years old.
Enter Scheherazade, the princess of the Thousand and One Nights, who carries him into a story where he will not only be a listener, but also play a crucial role and learn an important
What will happen when Scheherazade’s stories come to an end? Will Merjan finally be able to sleep or will he stay in a hurry to grow up?

Writer and Director Karim Dakroub
Theatrical script Faek Homaissi
Music Ahmad Kaabour
Set design Walid Dakroub
Puppets Walid Dakroub
Costumes Fida Hoteit
Cast Katherine Dakroub, Marielise
Aad, Fouad Yammine, Samir Youssef

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