• Family
  • Khayal presents Firas the Sneezer - Firas qui éternue
Khayal presents Firas the Sneezer - Firas qui éternue
  • Espace Tournesol
  • Saturday - February 25, 2017
  • 04:00 PM

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event overview
Fouad is a gifted child; he reads a lot and likes new experiments and inventions. He suffers from the irony (bullying) of his schoolmates and them avoiding playing with him because he is special. At school he fails to write about simple traditional themes (clichés) describing the blue sky or the songs of the birds. He is always concerned about the city where he lives and finds subject like environmental problems, pollution, power outages as well as the prevention of natural disasters more important.
Fouad invents an imaginary friend (Firas the sneezer), who plays with his neighbor Katia which suffers from similar problems. Together they manage to imagine solutions to all their city problems and are able to write about a meaningful topic.

Script Tarek Bacha and Karim Dakroub
Director Karim Dakroub
Lyrics and Music Ahmad Kaabour
Set Design Walid Dakroub
Video Animation Nehme Nehme
Cast Katherine Dakroub and Fouad Yammine
Musical Arrangement Mazen Seblini | Solo Celina
Choueiri and Fouad Yammine | Mixage Mohamad
Kebbe | Studio The Talkies
Accessories Nabil Yammine | Technical Assistant
Mohamad Al Ammari | Technical Director Jad
Hakawati | Administrative Manager Ghada Oreibi
Contributed to the adaptation of the script Walid
Dakroub, Katherine Dakroub and Fouad Yammine
Contributed to the theme and the video Ziad Dakroub

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