• Theater
  • Not Long Ago | Lebanon - Lebanon's European Theatre Festival
Not Long Ago | Lebanon - Lebanon's European Theatre Festival
  • Masrah Al Madina
  • Oct 19 - Oct 20

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Not Long Ago ( 19-20 Oct 2018 at 8:30 pm )


Written and directed by Nidal Al Achkar Performed by Khaled Al Abdalah , Mohamad Akil , Nabil Al Ahmar ,Ibrahim Akil and Nidal Al Achkar


Not long ago, my village, the village of my father and my ancestors, may have been my very first theatre. With its real and fantasy characters, each of which had their own secrets. Stories of politicians, patriots escaping from the French at some times and escaping others at other times. And men undercover. Maybe these were the characters which made my imagination a fertile place for tales and legends that sway between reality and fantasy, between poeticism and daily rawness. Yet, all these characters yearned for absolute freedom; freedom of body, freedom of thought and of expression. Every one of them wanted to embody their intellectual world the way they envisioned it, and wanted to soar and take others away with them, far from the bitter reality. To create a new reality, and realize a world that resembles them and pulls them out from what is ordinary.
The characters that inhabited my childhood have gone offstage, and I never saw any of them again. Afterwards I learned that most of them were killed, imprisoned, exiled or they immigrated.




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