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  • The Cigar Smoking World Championship Middle East - CSWC
The Cigar Smoking World Championship Middle East - CSWC
  • Phoenicia Hotel
  • Saturday - April 13, 2019
  • 03:00 PM

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event overview

 The largest and most exciting cigar event in the world, the “Cigar Smoking World Championship”, is finally coming to the Middle East, attracting an exclusive and niche crowd of cigar enthusiasts from different countries. 


Founded and hosted by Croatian Marko Bilic, CSWC is a global luxury lifestyle event with over 35 qualification rounds in cities around the world, and which culminates in a grand final in Split, Croatia in September.


CSWC Competitors are challenged to smoke the Macanudo Inspirado Mareva, a mareva sized-cigar (42 x 5 1/8), for the longest period of time on a single light. The cigar must stay lit the entire time and once the flame goes out, so too does the competitor’s chances of victory. The Macanudo Inspirado Mareva has been especially created by Macanudo Cigars for the CSWC with superb quality control ensuring everyone has an equal chance to win.


The event will feature a course on Master Blending by Macanudo, a seminar by Cigar Journal, Open Lunch Buffet, CSWC Competition Qualification event, Three-Course Dinner, Open Premium Drinks and of-course lots of Cigars.

3:00 PM

Welcome Drink / Registration

4:00 PM

Macanudo Fumas tasting Cigar Course & Cigar Journal Seminar

5:00 PM

Premium Buffet and Drinks

6:00 PM

CSWC Competition

8:30 PM


9:30 PM

Bespoke / Casdagli Cigar Gala Diner + Prizes + After Party

Ticket price : 180 $ 

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