• Dance
  • Mitra Ziaee Kia & Hiva Sedaghat - Azi Dahaka - Bipod 2019
Mitra Ziaee Kia & Hiva Sedaghat - Azi Dahaka - Bipod 2019
  • Citerne Beirut
  • Saturday - April 6, 2019
  • 07:00 PM

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event overview

Azi Dahaka                                                            

Hiva Sedaghat & Mitra Ziaee Kia| Iran

Co-Production | Citerne Beirut & BIPOD


Saturday 6th of April


7 pm

Duration: 40 minutes



Note to the Audience:


I am no longer human. Elsewhere, someone else lives with a large head and neck - brute, rebellious, blind and untold. Its head is blazing red, its eyes are scarlet, its body is hot on fire; And to understand darkness, it dives into the depth of murk.


About The Artist               


Artists Mitra Ziaee Kia and Hiva Sedaghat hail from Iran, where they balance multiple projects and performances on the ground, while continuing to tour their work throughout Europe and elsewhere. With their diverse background and shared love of movement and dance, Mitra and Hiva expanded their creativity into the collective group MAHA, and have both participated in TAKWEEN in Lebanon, further exploring and accessing new movement languages to then share in Iran. In recent years, Mitra teamed up with Maqamat to create and perform the work ZAAFARAN which toured for over 12 months internationally and regionally. In addition MAHA created Through The Skin, a duet produced by Maqamat, which has been presented in a plethora of festivals, with new performance dates in the near future. Mitra and Hiva continue to create work under the MAHA collective, while exploring and producing works on their own as well.


تتحدّر الفنّانتان ميترا زيأي كيا وهيفا سيداغات من إيران حيث توازنان بين مشاريع متعدّدة وتقدّمان أعمالا أدائية مختلفة، فيما تواصلان جولتهما الخاصة

على امتداد أوروبا. بالاستناد إلى خلفيّتَيْهما المتنوعتين وحبّهما لا بل عشقهما المشترك للحركة والرقص، عملتا على تطوير حسَّيْهما الابداعيَّين وتأسيس

ما بات يُعرف بمجموعة "MAHA" الجماعية. كما شاركتا وتدربتا في برنامج "تكوين" (TAKWEEN) في لبنان، لتُعزّزا استكشاف لغات الحركة، 

تمهيدا لنقلها إلى إيران. في الأعوام الاخيرة، انضمّت ميترا الى "مقامات" لكي تبتكر وتؤدي عمل ZAAFARAN الذي جال طوال أكثر من 12 شهراً

على الصعيدَيْن الاقليمي والعالمي. كذلك، ابتكرت مجموعة MAHA عملا ثنائيا بعنوان "Through The Skin"، وهو من انتاج مقامات، وتم عرضه في

العديد من المهرجانات. تواصل ميترا وهيفا ابتكار اعمال تحت جناح مجموعة "MAHA" الجماعية، في موازاة استكشاف أعمال خاصة بهما وانتاجها.


About The Performance                         


Zahak - known to be  an evil figure in Persian mythology, takes on the form of Azi Dahaka in ancient Persian folklore. This tale of Azi Dahaka is one in which a man with human qualities, shape shifts into a terrifying brain-eating dragon, as soon as he is faced with pain, agony, sorrow and fear. It is within this myth that Mitra and Hiva locate themselves, taking the audience into the dark atmosphere of a human’s slow transformation into a monster. Light, fabric, foam and plastic, Azi Dahaka is a visual and somatic rendering of the birth of a monster.

Cast & Credits       

Choreographed and performed by: Mitra Ziaee Kia & Hiva Sedaghat

Technical Director and lighting designer: Ali Kouzehgar

Co-produced by Citerne Beirut & Bipod Festival with the support of Maqamat


زهاك يُعرف في الأساطير الفارسية بأنه شخصية شريرة، تتّخذ شكل عزي دهاكا في الفلكلور الفارسي القديم. اما حكاية عزي دهاكا فتروي قصة رجل ذو صفات إنسانية، يتحول فيها

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