• Dance
  • Origami Cosmos - Pablo Palacio & Omar Rajeh - Citerne Beirut
Origami Cosmos - Pablo Palacio & Omar Rajeh - Citerne Beirut
  • Citerne Beirut
  • Jun 22 - Jun 22

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event overview

Origami Cosmos

Pablo Palacio & Omar Rajeh



Saturday, June 22



About the Performance:

A process of ‘Folding, unfolding, and re-folding’, A process of virtual possibilities for physical becomings. Omar Rajeh borrows the title for this performance from French philosopher Gilles Deleuze and sets it as a basis for a mesmerizing and non stop journey of images and meanings. Accompanied by an innovative & technological approach to sound and composition, both worlds of sound and movement expand beyond their own limitations and frames.




About the Artists:

Pablo Palacio is an independent composer currently living in Madrid. His pieces have been performed in many countries and edited by the label Sub Rosa in Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music. He is also an active composer for dance and performing arts. He has divulged new perspectives and technologies in sound composition and interactive music through publications, workshops, and talks in several conservatories, universities and institutions such as University of Genoa (Italy), International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), Missouri State University (E.E.U.U), or Intenational Symposium of Movement and Computing (MOCO). He co-directs Instituto Stocos, a project focused on the analysis, research and development of the interaction between body gesture, music and interactive visual imagery, integrating in a performative context abstractions taken from other disciplines such as artificial intelligence, biology, mathematics or experimental psychology, participating in pioneering European research projects such as WhoLoDancE, Metabody, and D.A.N.C.E.


Omar Rajeh, a critically acclaimed choreographer and dancer, is a leading figure of contemporary dance in the Arab World. Cut from the fabric of Lebanese culture, Rajeh has spent over 17 years weaving, exploring and refining his choreographic language by questioning the notion and zeitgeist regarding the body. His works expose a rawness and intuitive dramaturgy surrounding the idea of body-plurality, asking of both the performer and audience to question and break the perception of oneness and singularity.  We are not just one body, we are many and all.  Based in Beirut, Omar Rajeh | Maqamat has performed over 19 choreographic works in major European, regional and international theatres and festivals. Seeking an extraordinary physical presence through vigorous movements with strong socio-political connections, Rajeh’s choreographies leave a powerful imprint on the audience, while subsequently shifting and contributing to the contemporary dance scene in Lebanon.



Cast & Credits

Concept & Choreography: Omar Rajeh

Music & Composition: Pablo Palacio

Performers: Pablo Palacio, Omar Rajeh

Lighting Design: Pôl Seif

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