• Dance
  • P.O.V - Jadd Tank - Citerne Beirut
P.O.V  - Jadd Tank - Citerne Beirut
  • Citerne Beirut
  • Jun 28 - Jun 28

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Jadd Tank



Friday, June 28


About the Performance:

Observation is not without a trick of the eye. A quick unexpected gesture and the person in front of you can turn into a hat, an archetype, a reflection of yourself. P.O.V summons in us an experience of interpretation, where the dancer, visual artist and audience enter together into a grey area, void of definitive meaning and full of infinite wonder. Throughout the 60-minutes, four visual artists engage in their personal renderings of the dance taking place in front of them, put onto paper by means of their preferred tool.

This performance is one of voyeurism, detail and intrigue, where the audience is asked to watch artists watch other artists.


Cast & Credits

Concept and Choreography: Jadd Tank

Dancers: Mia Habis, Jadd Tank

Visual Artists: Petram Chalach, Lea Bou Habib, Simon Mhanna, Ghassan Ouais.

Costume Designer: Mia Habis

Lighting Design: Pôl Seif


In collaboration with Lebanese Talents

 About the Artists:

(Mia Habis) Mia Habis is a name associated with all things talent, dance and discipline. Based in Beirut, Habis’s education in French literature, marketing and advertising grew and developed in parallel to her thorough 28 years of training in classical ballet - not to mention a focus on other techniques such as Filipino martial arts - landing her a position as a dancer and teacher for Maqamat in 2008. A year after joining the company, Mia began her trajectory towards the Artistic Director of BIPOD, first laying the groundworks as the appointed marketing director. Bringing her full uniqueness and intelligence to the table, she strategically revamped the image of the company by leading artistic conceptualisations, increasing public awareness and engaging in multiple long- lasting collaborations with local and international institutions. After an effortful and positive 7 years, Habis opened up the 11th edition of BIPOD as the newly appointed Artistic Director in 2015. The following years only saw more successful projects for Habis, as she continued to tour as a dancer, tour manager and creative assistant with Omar Rajeh | Maqamat throughout Europe and the region, joined the ranks of motherhood, pushed the BIPOD festival further up the ladder of excellence, and most recently becoming the Co-Director of Citerne Beirut - the new cultural 18 venue and performing art space created by Maqamat.

(Lebanese Talents) Lebanese Talents is an art platform that aims to promote the work of local artists and connect talented individuals of all ages and backgrounds.
The platform consists of a physical and virtual gallery featuring consciously priced curated artworks by prominent Lebanese artists, connecting the audience to the heart of Lebanon’s contemporary art scene with an aim to stir local and international cultural impact. Aiming to initiate conversations through artistic exchange, Lebanese Talents is also behind ‘The Art Gathering’, a series of themed events bringing together art enthusiasts on a weekly basis since 2012 to create, network and share ideas.

(Petram Chalach) Petram Chalach is a Lebanese painter photographer and ceramist. Born in 1988, Ashrafieh Beirut.
His work is an ongoing study of the self, political obedience, social-conditioning and perception in relation to psychology.
Petram been featured in group exhibitions, magazines and in private collections in Beirut, Riyadh, and Paris.
(Lea Bou Habib) Lea Bou Habib is a visual artist based in Beirut.
or @leabou.h

(Simon Mhanna) Son of a multitalented Artist, was led into the artistic world at young age. He started learning the piano at the "Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music" at the age of 8. At the age of 16, he discovered his artistic skills and saw in himself a talented person he never knew before. His passion for art led him to the "Antonine fine arts institute" where he took private fine art courses and received a Fine Arts certificate in collaboration with "Ravenne Institute of Fine Arts" in Italy. This unparalleled love for art pushed him to take on higher studies in Interior Design. Founder of "Lebanese Talents", a non-profit organization helping talented Lebanese people to express themselves and show their talent.

(Ghassan Ouais) Ghassan is a Syrian Lebanese artist living and working in Lebanon. "I use ink sketches and acrylic paintings to express myself. My paintings reflect the impact of war on the world and specifically my hometown Syria. I attempt through my art to relieve people from the sadness and sorrow that war brings. In my works, I portray the people as human shapes in the form of the living cells that surround humanity. With this bittersweet combination, my works tell the story of the people. A story that they wish to express but can’t. I am a believer that out of sorrow one could unleash a creation of art that could help those in need of art. The world needs art to grow.

(Jadd Tank) Jadd Tank’s passion for choreography and dance lies in the exploration of boundless possibilities in which objects, bodies and events relate to each other. Jadd has performed internationally with his own work and those of Omar Rajeh | Maqamat, Alias Guilherme Botelho, Cristina Goletti and 2016 Guggenheim Fellowship award winner Michelle Ellsworth. In 2016 he presented a TEDx performative talk at the Sziget Festival, and choreographed for Susan Youssef’s feature films Marjoun & The Flying Headscarf along with her short film From Amsterdam to Anatolia. Jadd has been a featured choreographer and performer for the 2017 and 2018 Focus on Mediterranean Choreography series in Italy – performing his solo Liberté Toujours and duet Bourgeois-Z in Castiglioncello, Spoleto and Vicenza. Currently Jadd is working on a new series of performances for both live and virtual space.

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