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  • A Stargazing Night under the Sky - Summer 2019 | The Cosmic Dome
A Stargazing Night under the Sky - Summer 2019 | The Cosmic Dome
  • Kfarzebian - Warde Piste
  • Saturday - August 24, 2019
  • 07:00 PM
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event overview

Dear Star-Gazers,

Join our Summer 2019 "Stargazing Night Under The Sky" Event, 2nd edition, on Saturday, 24th of August, 2019. This event is organized by The Cosmic Dome in collaboration with Sky Optics. 


Date: Saturday, 24th of August, 2019 

Location: Kfarzebian/Warde Piste 

Departure/Meeting point: BLOM Bank - Dora 

Food & Drinks: Saj Mankoushe will be available along with tea and coffee! Feel free to bring your own food and drinks. 

Bonefire: We will start a bonefire at 12:30pm to warm up and to enjoy the fire    


Departure/Meeting Time: 7:00pm 

Meeting Point: BLOM Bank – Dora (at 7:00pm)

Return time: 1:15 am 


Cost: 20$ Per Person including Transportation, Professional Sky Tours, & Telescopes. 

Saj Mankoushe and two hot drinks will be available for purchase on spot. 


Reservation is a must and is available online through Antoine Ticketing or at any Antoine Library Branches.


What's the plan? 

- Departure time: 7:00pm from BLOM Bank – Dora. 

- We will have telescopes set on site.

- We will observe different sky objects through the telescopes. We will also explain the Sky objects we will be looking at (planets, galaxies, nebulae, etc.) 

- We will have a professional and detailed Sky Tour. 

- You will be able to see the stars and some constellations. 

- Different Space Topics will be discussed by professional Astronomer, Dr. Moe Abbas.

- You will have time to just sit, relax and watch the stars. 

- We will star a bonefire at 12:30pm. 

- Background music will be playing throughout the event.

- Bring something you can sleep on if you have any (blankets, portable chairs, anything that will make you feel comfortable). 

- We will stay there till around 1:15am.

- You can buy Saj Manakeesh and hot drinks on spot.  

- Feel free to bring your own snacks and food, will not make any stops on the way. 

- It will be extremely cold, so bring as much thick clothes as possible

- Don't wear open shoes or open clothes, it will be very cold. 

- Try to bring an extra jacket, gloves, scarf, and wear socks. 

- Bring your professional cameras if you have any. 

- Bring your binoculars if you have any. 



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Reservation is a must. 

The Cosmic Dome & Sky Optics

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