• Theater
  • Two Suspended Women المعلّقتان
Two Suspended Women     المعلّقتان
  • ACT Monnot
  • Oct 15 - Oct 17

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event overview

Two Suspended Women is the new production of Collectif de l’ACT.

Two women in an elevator. One is going to a casting session for a play. The other has been there for an undetermined period of time seeing as to how she simply forgot to get out. The alarm goes off. The elevator stops. The two women are stuck inside for a very long time, physically suspended in a box above the ground, psychologically suspended in a foggy and uncertain period of their lives.

امرأتان تستقلّان المصعد، واحدة تصعد إلى حيث يجري كاستينغ لمسرحيّة، الثانية متواجدة فيه منذ مدّة غير معلومة لأنّها نسيت أن تخرج منه. تدوّي صفّارات الإنذار فيتوقّف المصعد وتعلقان فيه لمدّة طويلة جدّاً. عالقتان جسديّاً في أحشاء المصعد فوق الأرض، ومعلّقتان سيكولوجياً في مرحلة ضبابيّة من حياتهما.

Collectif de l’ACT is a Lebanese theater collective which believes in the power of theater and artistic expression. It is a collaboration of young passionate artists aspiring to work in the art field, especially in theater, sharing their diverse expertise to deliver quality content.

“Two Suspended Women”

The new production of Collectif de l’ACT
Text by Hasan Makhzoum
Directed by Lena Osseyran
Cast: Sara Abdo, Yara Zakhour, Tony Farah
Light design: Hagop Der-Ghougassian
Music design: Ali Sabbah
Poster design: Maya Chams
Communication: Charbel Sammour, Bilal Houssami, Rita Bacha

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