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Saturday, APRIL 24, 2021 at 7 pm (London), 8 pm (Paris),  9 pm (Beirut) 2 pm (New-York)

Online event, streamed on YouTube

The show will be performed in Lebanese Arabic with subtitles in French and English

E-tickets a YouTube link with details on how to join will be emailed to you on the day of the event.


Directed By Lina Abiad - Produced by Josyane Boulos (Beirut) and Agatha Ezzedine (London). Filmed and edited by Farah Chaya.


Cast: (by order of appearance)

Dory Al Samarany, Bernadette Houdeib, Sany Abdelbaki, Agatha Ezzedine, Bshara Atallah, Nada Aboufarhat, Talal el Jurdi, Georges Khabbaz and Nadine Labaki.


with special appearance by Hagop Der Ghougassian, Josyane Boulos, Badih Abou Chacra and Rita Hayeck,


Written by Geraldine Brennan, Mike Elliston, Kim Hardy, Angela Harvey, John Jesper, Kate Webster, Georges Khabbaz and Nadine Labaki

Lighting Design Hagop Der Ghougassian

Sound Design Marco Samaha 

Music Rayan Chaya

Cameramen: Carl Haddad, Stephano Rouhana, George Zaarour, Ahmad Farchoukh, Oussama Amiri.

Equipment by Twins Productions

Set Photographer Taha Chanouha

All rehearsals and filming at The Black Box – Beirut


For updates and more information, follow us on:


Instagram: @whispers.hamasat

Facebook event: Whispers-Hamasat international


Whispers.Hamasat is an online performance consisting of a series of monologues written and donated by distinguished British writers and performed by famous Lebanese actors.


The first broadcast of Whispers.Hamasat (November 7, 2020) raised 70 million LBP that went towards the rehabilitation of Beirut's theatre scene following the blast of August 4th 2020


All proceeds of Whispers.Hamasat International will be used to create the Whispers Funds in support of the young theatre community in Lebanon, which has been severely impacted in the explosion of August 4th, 2020 and the soaring inflation rate.




Whispers.Hamasat est une performance en ligne composée d'une série de monologues écrits et offerts par d'éminents écrivains britanniques et interprétés par de célèbres acteurs libanais.


La première retransmission de Whispers.Hamasat (7 novembre 2020) a levé 70 millions de livres libanaises qui ont servi à la réhabilitation de plusieurs scènes de théâtre à Beyrouth suite à l'explosion du 4 août 2020.


Tous les profits de Whispers.Hamasat International seront utilisés pour créer le Fonds de Soutien Whispers pour aider les créations artistiques de la jeune communauté théâtrale au Liban gravement touchée par l'explosion du 4 août 2020 et paralysée par la flambée du taux d'inflation.



همسات هو عرض على الإنترنت يتألف من سلسلة من المونولوج كتبها واهدوها كتاب بريطانيون بارزون وقام بها ممثلون لبنانيون مشهورون.


جمع العرض الأول لبرنامج همسات (7 تشرين الثاني / نوفمبر 2020) 70 مليون ليرة لبنانية استُخدمت لإعادة تأهيل عدة مسارح في بيروت عقب انفجار 4 آب 2020.


سيتم استخدام جميع عائدات Whispers.Hamasat International لإنشاء صندوق Whispers Support لمساعدة إبداعات مجتمع المسرح الشاب في لبنان الذي تأثر بشدة بانفجار 4 أغسطس 2020 ومعدل التضخم المتصاعد

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