Bar Farouk in Metro al Madina

Metro al Madina presents "Bar Farouk". Bar Farouk revives the artistic scene of Beirut from the 30s to the 70s, from popular theatre to cabaret music and dance, through the works of icons who have marked the art scene before the civil war, such as Chouchou, Sabah, Ferial Karim and the poet Omar El Zeenni, amongst many. 14 Musicians, singers, actors and dancers bring you back to this golden era where Beirut was at the avant-garde of the cultural and artistic life in the Middle-East
  • Metro Al Madina
  • Jan 29 - 09:30 PM

Cease Ceasar by Marcel Ghosn

When Ceasar ( the son of a minister) got attacked and slapped in school, Principal Gedeon have to solve the problem , before the minister closes the school, by firing the teacher Mr. Nouhad, who was absent during the fight. All complications starts when firing Mr. Nouhad looks to be an uneasy mission ; his threatening to expose the school’s mal-treatment over the social media. The clock is ticking and Professor Gedeon should find a solution…
  • Théatre Gemmayze
  • Mar 17 - 08:30 PM

Metrophone présents Halim el Roumi

Metrophone presents “Halim El Roumi”. Why Metrophone? Lebanese radio broadcasting stations have given up on offering to the world their musical archive – an archive of amazing talents and legendary names that haven’t been well acknowledged, appreciated nor promoted since the beginning even though they were produced by Lebanese stations. These stations chose to promote certain artists instead of others and especially during the 60s and the 70s, imposing on the Arab world some faces and voices while leaving behind other great talents that could have easily defined Lebanese music. With the radio stations still refusing to spread the songs and the voices that we have yet to embrace and explore, the voices that complement Al Rahbani, Wadih Al Safi, Sabah and Zaki Nassif at times, it has become imperative for us to seek them out and complete the picture defining Lebanese Music. And so, Metrophone was born by bringing back forgotten yet significant music archives, bringing back the art, the lyrics and the tunes, that had long been eclipsed, in order to revive the Lebanese musical history.
  • Metro Al Madina
  • Mar 15 - 09:30 PM

L'Etrange Destin de M et Mme Wallace

Une histoire de bien et de mal, de mort et de rédemption, avec à la clé une question : un bébé peut-il changer le monde ? Dans l’Amérique d’aujourd’hui, un couple de blancs trouve un bébé noir dans une poubelle. De réplique en réplique, le texte démonte un à un les préjugés et montre jusqu’où peuvent aller les extrémismes. L’Afrique et l’esclavage resurgissent, la soif de liberté et l’acceptation des différences aussi. Un spectacle où les vivants et les morts se rencontrent, où l’amour et la haine s’affrontent désespérément.
  • Masrah Al Madina
  • Mar 16 - 08:30 PM
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