• Theater
  • Kawalis presents Hay l tanak
Kawalis presents Hay l tanak
  • Masrah Al Madina
  • Jul 05 - Jul 06

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event overview

Kawalis is a theater club having attendees of different nationalities ages and interests who have come all along to express their creativity in the world of acting by adopting some issues in our society that they see are essential to spot the light on .


“Hay l tanak”is an exact example of that in which “Hay l Altanak”is a new play represented by kawalis group who have decided to work on delivering a fruitful message for this generation.


“hay l Tanak”talks about heritage buildings and its importance in specific as well as issues like youth unemployment and guarantee of aging and the importance of education .


The show will be held at Masrah al madina on the 5th and 6th of July. Price of tickets will be 15,000 LL 

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